The project

Welcome to Hidden Reflections!!!
I’m Javier Osés, and I would love to show you a new concept of art at the nanometric scale based on the interactions of the light with matter. For years I’ve been working on the field of Material Science, thanks to which I’ve learned to modify their surfaces obtaining amazing colours, patterns and shapes, only appreciable with the help of a microscope.

After many years doing this as a hobby in my spare time of researcher and university lecturer, I’ve decided to venture with enthusiasm into this innovative project as a way to share my work, as well as to disseminate the scientific and technical knowledge that I’ve been collecting during my work in the laboratory.

I hope your visit will surprise you with the beauty of the materials in the same way that I marvel at each new sample that I create, and that you can learn about the mysteries of something so well-known, and at the same time so enigmatic, as Light. I invite you to join me as a seeker of hidden reflections.