How did HR start?

But how did it all start? I must admit that, as in many discoveries throughout history, serendipity is at the base of my beginnings as a nano artist. In 2013, while researching the development of antibacterial coatings, I observed that some of the obtained coatings, despite being transparent, showed an iridescent appearance in some areas. The restless scientist in me wanted to understand the reason for this effect, so I decided to study the material using an optical microscope. What I discovered, to my amazement, was that the coating of nanometric thickness had fragmented into tiny crystals and was interacting with light in a similar way to a soap bubble or an oil stain, creating a beautiful micrometric scale stained glass window, but hidden just in front of our eyes. The truth is that I was totally impressed by this effect, and I felt lucky to be able to witness this wonder of nature, so big and so small at the same time.

From that moment, and until today, I have sought to unite the world of science and art through the search of materials with surprising aesthetic properties. This has led me to be always attentive to the research carried out in the area of Surface Technology and Advanced Materials in AIN, and to dedicate my time to study and understand the most aesthetically fascinating coatings and materials, using them in the same way as a painter choose the colours from his/her palette.

Thanks to this, I have been able to develop a creative process that combines, on the one hand, the preparation of materials on a nanometric scale with a multitude of patterns of shape and colours, and on the other hand, the photography on a microscopic scale. This has allowed me to create nano-art works with real colours, not retouched by digital image processing.