What printing options are available?

All Hidden Reflections works are available in print on canvas, aluminium (gloss or matte) and acrylic material. You can see examples of the materials and finishes in the section “Materials”.

Why are there different maximum print sizes?

The maximum size for each image and printing option is chosen considering the number of pixels on the initial micrograph and the resolution capacity of the material on which the image is printed. Since my works push the resolution capacity of light to the limit, larger formats cannot be obtained with the required quality and definition of details. You can see videos and detailed images in the store to see for yourself the quality of the prints.

Do you make international shipments?

Of course!

What is the delivery time?

The usual delivery time is between 10 and 12 working days. You must bear in mind that each work must be printed, sent to the Hidden Reflections offices to be signed, numbered and reviewed, and later sent to you along with the certificate of authenticity and technical documentation. At all times you will have access to the tracking of the package to know when you will be able to enjoy your purchase.

Are the works sold framed?

In order to offer an agile service in the delivery of the products, I have decided not to include framing options. I invite you to look for a local business that can offer you the setting that best suits the work and your style. In this way, together with the scale bars, you can customize your Hidden Reflections work.

 What is the return policy?

Since the works are printed on demand, no returns or refunds are allowed. If you receive a wrong order (wrong size or wrong image) or the order is damaged upon receipt, write your case to contacto@hidden-reflections.com within 10 days after reception and I will be happy to help you.