The creation of Hidden Reflections artworks requires different high-tech equipment, which allows the creation of nanometric layers with controlled optical properties, and their subsequent photography.

Regarding the creation or deposition of the layers and the pre and post-processing of the samples, a PVD equipment, as well as chemical laboratories, furnaces and equipment for metallographic preparation of materials, with a total value of hundreds of thousands of euros, are used.

To obtain the images, a high magnification inverted metallographic microscope, with objectives that allow the image to be magnified up to 1000 time, is used. This equipment has a high-resolution digital camera that provides images in which each pixel can represent less than 40 nm (0.00000004 meters), which is a much smaller size than the capacity of resolution of visible light.

This equipment, given the depth of field limitations of optical microscopy, has a motorized axis that allows obtaining series of photographs at different heights, which are then combined using specialized software to obtain a clear image of the coatings, which in many cases present irregularities with heights greater than the depth of field of the optical objective itself.