About me

I was born in Pamplona (Spain) in 1983. After finishing my studies as an industrial engineer, in 2008 I began my career as a scientist and researcher in the area of Surface Engineering at AIN, a Technological Centre located in Pamplona, focusing on Materials Technology and Surface Treatments. My interest and desire for knowledge about materials and manufacturing processes led me to study a master’s degree (2011) and a Ph.D. (2017) in materials science.

After that, I decided to get into the world of teaching, which has always called my attention, and in 2018 I managed to get a place as an lecturer in the Engineering department of the UPNA (Public University of Navarra).

Since my beginnings as a researcher I always have had a scientific-artistic concern, so during these years I have been collecting different materials with high aesthetic and artistic interest and, in my free time, I have sought how to investigate about the synthesis and modification of said materials and in the physical principles involved in the aesthetic changes of the materials at the microscopic level.

Thanks to the work carried out since 2015 in this line, I have managed to develop a new concept of scientific-artistic creation, which in 2020 has led me to launch Hidden Reflections as a project in which to disseminate part of the knowledge generated as an artist / researcher and to share the hidden beauty of the surface of the materials.